3 Dividend Stocks to Buy to Hold for 10 Years!

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I’m looking for the best high yielding dividend stocks to grow my wealth. Here are three I’m considering buying in the near future.


media companies such as ITV (LSE: ITV) face enormous competitive pressure from streaming giants such as netflix and Amazon And this is still a risk for the company.Yet this success FTSE250 A company using video on demand (VOD) suggests that this could be a good horse to bet on.

of coronation street and love island Broadcasters have rapidly expanded their streaming subscriber base in recent years. And in December, he said, the successful launch of the ITVX platform suggests that trend will continue. In his first two months, the system saw him add a whopping 1.5 million new users, and the leap increased his total streaming time by 69% year over year.

Statista analysts believe the UK streaming market will grow at a CAGR of 8.92% through 2027.

Today, broadcasters have a 5.9% dividend yieldI expect it to continue to be an excellent payer for many years to come.

DS Smith

The driving force behind packaging DS Smith (LSE: SMDS) is a stock I have owned for years. Given his 5.5% dividend yield in 2023, I’m looking to increase my stake in the business.

of FTSE100 The company offers a box provided by Amazon. Customers are very savvy. We also offer ready-to-use packaging and his point-of-sale display where you’ll see products cocooned at your local supermarket.

These products are often overlooked by consumers. But designing and manufacturing them is an exact science, especially as sustainability becomes more and more important.This explains why DS Smith is the supplier of choice. Tesco for almost 40 years.

Rising paper costs are a problem for packaging giants’ margins. However, I believe the potential long-term benefits of owning DS Smith shares outweigh this risk. I am particularly excited about the growth of e-commerce and the lift this will bring to the company’s bottom line.

TBC Bank Group

Due to the rapid economic expansion of Eurasia, TBC Bank Group (LSE: TBCG) attractive long-term purchase of my book. According to official statistics, the Georgian economy is expected to grow by 10.1% in 2022, with even better growth.

The business, which is focused on Georgia but also has operations in Kazakhstan, currently trades at 4.2 times earnings. In addition, the dividend yield is 8.5%, which surpasses the market.

TBC is Georgia’s largest bank, with a market share of about 40% for loans and deposits in the country. Earnings are growing strongly as demand for financial products rises and net income increased by 24% in 2022 compared to the previous year.

Georgia’s economy thrives when the situation in Russia improves. This means that sanctions imposed by Western countries on their neighbors could hurt cyclical stocks like banks. Still, I believe this risk is built into her TBC minimum rating.

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