30 years old with no savings? By drip feeding 10 pounds a day to the Stocks & Shares ISA, you’ll be aiming for $1 million.

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I opened my first equity ISA last year when I was 27 years old.

According to financial experts, if you wanted to retire with a fancy nest egg, you should have saved a year’s salary by the time you turned 30.

It’s safe to say that I haven’t reached that goal yet. I’m not the only one. In fact, his 40% of adults under 30 save money.

But by my calculations, saving just £10 a day would allow you to retire from scratch with £1 million in the bank.

Choosing the right vehicle

I drip feed 10 pounds that day Shares and Shares ISA.

This type of account allows regular investors like me to buy shares in some of the best companies in the world. apple, microsoftand AstraZenecaHistorically, 8% to 10% has been a typical stock market yield per year. Of course, investing in the stock market involves risk and future returns are not guaranteed.

The alternative is cache ISA. Earnings seen on this account are currently linked to a 4% interest rate. The advantage here is that it avoids the standard type of volatility in the stock market.

Let’s run the numbers and see how my £10 per day increases on both types of accounts.

The power of compound interest

If you save £10 a day, you can save £1 million by the time you retire. However, it must be done with a stock ISA.

of FTSE100 – Index of the top 100 listed companies London Stock Exchange – Has a historical annual return of around 8%. on the other hand, FTSE250 – 101st to 350th largest companies – return around 10%. We used a 9% annualized return as the basis for our calculations.

As the table below shows, the Stocks and Equities ISA allowed me to break through £1m by the time I turned 70 and be ready for a comfortable retirement.

years of investment Cash ISA (3%) Stocks and Equity ISAs (9%)
Five £19,770 £21,844
Ten £43,822 £55,454
20 £108,690 £186,734
30 £204,710 £497,523
40 £346,843 £1,233,271

But even if I had been equally thrifty, having saved in cash ISA for those 40 years, I was still far from my goal.

Unfortunately, it will take 64 years to reach £1m at the expected 3% return on the cash ISA.

extra push

If you want to hit 1 million faster, you can invest in individual stocks.

For example, if I invest alphabet In 2005, we would have been 2,000% profitable by now. This is above the slowly stabilizing FTSE 100, which has risen 60% over the same period.

Of course, investing in individual stocks is riskier. Because you could easily pick duds instead of diamonds and lose all your money.

Shooting for a million?

We’re not emphasizing actually reaching £1 million.

My philosophy is to diligently keep reserve cash in stocks and stock ISAs.

Let the magic of compound interest do the rest.

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