4 Penny Stocks I Want to Buy to Hold for 7 Years!

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There is no limit to how much you can invest in UK stocks.But here are the top 4 penny stocks I buy for myself Shares and Shares ISA If you have the cash to invest.

I believe they can provide exceptional returns over ten years, possibly longer.

Charat Gold

like gold stock Charat Gold It is notorious for being sensitive to bullion price movements. This means that profits of such companies could take a hit in the short term as the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates. Rising interest rates will push the US dollar higher, making gold more expensive to buy.

Still, I think gold stocks are an attractive asset. Yellow metal is he one of the safest haven commodities in the world. Therefore, these businesses help investors protect their assets in the event of a sudden economic shock.

I especially like Chaarat because of its rich production experience. Armenia’s Kapan mine production hits his 63,000 ounces in 2022, better than expected. The company also has an exciting development property in Kyrgyzstan.

eco animal health

The veterinary drug market is poised for strong expansion in the coming years. The amount of money people spend on pets is steadily increasing, and rising meat consumption is driving demand for livestock treatments.

This is why I am considering investing eco animal healthThis business specializes in providing medical products for food animals. We also operate in Latin America and Asia, where meat consumption is growing particularly fast.

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis in China poses significant risks to immediate profits. Small-cap companies source most of their revenue from the state. Still, I believe Eco Animal Health is an attractive buy for long-term investors.

DP Poland

Weak consumer spending and rising cost inflation remain a danger to the United States. DP PolandHowever, with the growing demand for food delivery, I believe this business is still the best penny stock to buy.

The business is the master franchisee of the Domino’s Pizza brand in Poland. And despite these headwinds, 2022 was another year of strong sales and earnings. Similar earnings last year saw him up 21%, but “Profitability maintained a positive trend over the past six months‘ said last month.

We were also encouraged by DP Poland’s expansion into Croatia last June. Demand for takeout here is also projected to surge as personal income levels rise.

Nexus infrastructure

Homebuilding activity will need to increase gradually over the next decade. The government has set a target of 300,000 new homes per year to meet the needs of the growing population. this is, Nexus infrastructure Increase profits significantly.

Penny Stock builds infrastructure such as roads and sewers for housing projects. Other services include excavating foundations, creating underground spaces, and providing reinforced concrete structures. This breadth of expertise makes us popular with construction companies and helps them grow their bottom line.

I’d buy Nexus Infrastructure stock even if the housing market were to cool and earnings could get worse in the short term.

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