Adobe (ADBE) Stocks to Buy Before Next Week’s Earnings?

For many years, Adobe Inc. (NASDAQ: ADBE) has played a key role in transforming the way businesses and individuals use media through its mission-critical products in graphic design and document management. Technology companies are capitalizing on new opportunities this year and beyond, expecting steady demand for their products and continued business innovation.

The San Jose-based design software maker ended 2022 with record-high earnings and cash flow. Having entered a strong new fiscal year, the company appears poised to continue to successfully execute its strategy in various areas. creative cloud, document cloud, and Experience cloud.


Stocks have recovered steadily from recent declines as software companies prepare to report earnings, but remain trading below their long-term averages. It looks like it’s regaining lost momentum this year and is generating excellent shareholder value. Given the general optimism surrounding the company’s long-term financials, the current valuation provides an entry point for those considering investing in Adobe.

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Following the market closure on March 15, Adobe will report financial results for the first quarter of 2023. Analyst consensus is for adjusted earnings to grow 9% to $3.68 per share. The bottom line is estimated to have benefited from an 8.5% increase in revenue to $4.62 billion.

Adobe Q4 2022 earnings infographic

From Adobe’s Q4 2022 earnings conference call:

“We have everything we need to continue to be successful in the future: huge market opportunity; proven ability to create and grow market-changing categories; A strong product portfolio, an innovative technology platform that enhances our industry leadership and competitive advantage, an expanding ecosystem that delivers greater value to our customers, a strong business foundation, and the most dedicated and talented employees. I have never been more confident that Adobe’s best days are yet to come.”


Over the last five years, Adobe’s profits have beaten consensus estimates in nearly every quarter, including the December quarter. Fourth-quarter earnings, excluding special items, increased 13 percent to $3.60 per share. Continued strong growth in the core Digital Media segment and the Digital Experience division boosted total revenue to $4.53 billion.

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Increased sales in all geographic segments, reflecting the recovery in demand brought about by the reopening of markets. Supported by positive momentum, management expects his first quarter 2023 earnings and adjusted earnings to be slightly above the levels seen in his final three months of 2022. increase.

After sustaining an upward trend for more than a week, ADBE turned lower on Friday. Over the past six months, it has decreased by about 9%.

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