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The Federal government is seeking feedback until mid-April on the development of a 2023-2030 Australian Cyber ​​Security Strategy.

A discussion paper was released after Prime Minister Anthony Albanese chaired a roundtable last week, attended by experts focused on making Australia the “most cyber secure nation”.

Among the discussion questions posed is “Should the Government prohibit the payment of ransoms and extortion demands by cyber criminals by victims of cybercrime; and/or insurers? If so, under what circumstances?”

The discussion paper then asks “What impact will a strict ban on the payment of ransoms and extortion demands by cyber criminals have on cybercrime victims, companies and insurers?”

A National Office for Cyber ​​Security with a dedicated coordinator will be established within the Department of the Interior to ensure a centrally coordinated approach to the government’s cyber security responsibilities.

Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber ​​Security Clare O’Neil said the Government had an important role to play in ensuring “everyone pulls their weight”.

“We cannot sleepwalk into our cyber future. I want Australia to be the most cyber secure country in the world by 2030,” he said.

“It will take a concerted effort. The industry needs to put cyber security at the heart of its business decisions and practices.”

Mr Albanese said the roundtable discussed incentivizing best practice cyber behaviour, growing Australia’s cyber security sector and raising national cyber awareness to shape a new strategy “in the face of rapidly evolving threats .”

Strengthening Australia’s cyber security is a top priority and “essential to the way of life for every Australian,” he said.

“This is a fast-moving, fast-evolving threat and for too many years, Australia has lost track. Our government is determined to change that,” Mr Albanese said.

“Cyber ​​security is as important and vital as a shop with a lock on the door. We need all businesses in Australia to protect themselves and … their customers.”

An Expert Advisory Board to advise the government on developing a national cyber strategy is chaired by former Axa Asia Pacific Holdings and Telstra CEO Andrew Penn. Former Air Force chief Mel Hupfeld and Cyber ​​Security Cooperative Research Center CEO Rachael Falk are on board.

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