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IAG says it accelerates home repair pass rates early by using Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) experts before repairs begin on storm-damaged property claims or flood

In the past, specialist hygienist experts assessed property remediation upon completion, and EGM Direct Claims’ Luke Gallagher said post-remediation inspection reduced the effective “pass rate” for achieving the required clearance certification. .

Much better results have been achieved by switching to experts who are involved before the repair begins.

“This allows us to monitor cleanliness levels during repairs and has nearly doubled the first test pass rate for clearance certification to approximately 76%, helping customers safely return to their homes as soon as possible,” said Mr Gallagher.

“The up-front assessment of the IEP provides the necessary direction to allow our repair partners to more effectively perform the work required to achieve clearance certification.”

In the Townsville flood response in 2019, the clearance certificate pass rate was only about 40% on the first attempt.

The change was made in response to record floods in NSW and Queensland early last year. Along with virtual assessment processes, the IEP expert remains available throughout the remediation process to assist IAG repair partners with any questions.

“Our new approach has nearly doubled the first test pass rate for clearance certification, improving the quality and timeliness of repairs for IAG customers affected by storms and floods,” it said.

IAG also detailed the post-repair inspections and critical repairs it has carried out over the past year as it monitors standards across its national motor networks and properties.

The insurer carried out 54,688 motor repair quality inspections – or 18% of authorized repairs – and identified 1389 quality issues, said IAG’s 10th annual Quality Report. The average repair quality score is 97.2%.

IAG also conducted 2867 property repair inspections and identified 127 quality issues. The data is used by IAG’s Repairer Performance Consultants (RPCs) to work with repairers to improve results.

Mr Gallagher said the easing of covid lockdown restrictions had allowed IAG to carry out more inspections than last year, when around 14,400 motor repair checks were carried out .

“Our investments in the latest digital technology and innovations, such as virtual property assessment, have allowed us to maintain our focus on providing quality, safe and efficient repairs,” said Mr. Gallagher.

Vehicle quality tests check components, panel alignment, welding/bonding, color matching, stains, gloss levels, texture/finish, paint blends, interior colors, sealers/adhesives /foam, structural, mechanical and occupant safety.

The reviews identified 39 potential safety issues in 2021-22, where significant rework/corrections are required due to poor repair that could potentially compromise vehicle safety.

1389 quality issues were logged related to partial or minimal rework, while 126 behavioral issues related to repairs not completed as authorized or customer service.

IAG has adapted smash repair training programs for its motor inspectors across the country. In the last financial year, 300,000 repair assessments were completed by IAG’s qualified motor assessors.

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