Jack Dorsey Block Announces Mining Development Kit for New Bitcoin Mining Use Cases

The development kit is envisioned to have multiple components that would allow increasing the accessibility and openness of Bitcoin mining hardware.

Jack Dorsey’s Block has posted a new blog detailing the Mining Development Kita new project that would seemingly reproduce Lightning Development Kit and Bitcoin Development Kit projects giving developers access to bitcoin mining projects focused on integrating bitcoin mining into various new use cases.

The blog also describes how the company has begun developing its own semiconductor chips for Bitcoin mining, saying that “These Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) are the leading way to mine Bitcoin today and will serve as the foundation for a full set of Bitcoin mining products designed to increase the speed of innovation in Bitcoin mining.”

Block then says he’s considering building MDK and they’re looking for further community feedback. MDK as Block “currently envisions it” will have four components:

  1. “Powerful, Reliable, Industrial Grade” Bitcoin Mining Hashboard.
  2. A custom control board designed to work with the hashboard.
  3. Open source firmware, software API and web interface that will allow developers to change key performance parameters of the hashboard.
  4. And extensive reference material and supporting documentation “to facilitate easy Hashboard customization.”

“The intent behind MDK is to provide developers with a set of tools to help unlock creativity and innovation in Bitcoin mining hardware,” the blog describes. “With MDK, we see a significant opportunity to increase the accessibility and openness of Bitcoin mining hardware to accelerate innovation in the field.”

The post ends with a promise of future updates in the coming weeks and months and a call to action for feedback, which can be directed to mining@block.xyz.

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