Two Simple Stocks You Can Buy Immediately For £2,000

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Investing doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, I think some of the best stocks to buy are those that don’t require hours of complicated research to understand.

simple but special

food retailers on the go Greggs (LSE: GRG) is a good example of a company whose business plan is easy to grasp. In a nutshell FTSE250 Members sell baked goods in over 2,300 stores across the UK.

It may sound basic, but Greggs has been a real winner for shareholders over the years. I’m one of them, so I know.

Aside from the inevitable short-term wobble, prices continue to rise. This is thanks to the company’s ability to consistently generate revenue, capitalize on new opportunities (vegan sausage rolls), and deliver excellent returns on money invested.

in a roll

Based on the latest update, if you have the cash, you should have no problem adding to your position today.

Recent full-year figures show total revenue growth of 23% in 2022. Pre-tax profit also increased by 1.9%, despite being impacted by higher raw material, staff and energy costs.

The fact that Greggs is able to report such figures during an economic crisis is further evidence that companies don’t necessarily have to break ground to perform well.

Providing good value for money is good enough for customers. And that’s good enough for me as an investor.

one drawback

Unfortunately, much of this good news seems to be reflected in valuations. Greggs stock is currently trading at 23 times his expected earnings.

Of course, there is no rule that the stock price cannot rise. In any case, I’d rather own a product that’s almost guaranteed to be popular than the latest high-tech product that I find hard to comprehend, let alone want.

build wealth

Naturally, it pays to remain diversified, no matter how simple the business I own. It is not particularly wise to include only fast food restaurants and nothing else in my portfolio.

This is why I also like listed house builders like: Taylor Wimpy (LSE: TW) right now.

Clearly, owning part of a large UK company has not been as smooth sailing as it has been in the past six months. Rapidly rising interest rates have hit demand and sent short-sighted investors running for an exit.

But all this is in the hands of someone like me who is ready to keep it in their hands for years after purchase.

need patience

No matter how you split it, that time frame is important because the UK needs more housing than it does now.then precious land bank, which would be a huge tailwind for Taylor Wimpy. And it makes the sector so much easier to understand and I’m willing to buy some of it before the market recovers.

Right now, you can get the stock for 12x earnings.

In addition to this, the stock currently yields 7.5% based on analyst estimates of how much cash the company will return to holders this fiscal year.For perspective, it’s over double yield of FTSE100 entire index.

I would like to add Taylor Wimpey to my portfolio when funds become available.

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